Christmas carols and songs for kids

Christmas Carols

music, lyrics, song facts, printables for kids learning English

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Here you will find a small collection of the most popular Christmas carols and songs for kids. They are fun, easy-to-learn, and you can use them to teach different vocabulary topics such as Christmas decorations or dishes.

How the material is organised

There are six carol units in this section. Each unit comes with an audio file, song lyrics, facts, printable resources, and has a picture dictionary, too. Our images refer to words mentioned in (or related to) the song, and could extend your lessons. Below each dictionary you will find some riddles or rhymes.

How to browse

Depending on your needs or preference, you can explore our collection in several ways. For example, you can browse the songs by title using the picture list above. Also, we invite you to use the bottom menu. It has quick links to other pages within the current section, and guides you to the resources you are looking for.

And finally, you can browse a list of song units sorted by vocabulary topic. Singing songs can be a fun starting point for further work. For example, you can use them to teach different vocabulary topics such as body parts, numbers or farm animals.