Bear facts for kids learning English

Bear Facts

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Did you know?

Bears are fast runners, excellent swimmers and good climbers. They may look cute, but this animal is very dangerous!

Animal facts for kids learning English

Bears are solitary animals. Only mother and cubs live together. Cubs love to play! Playing teaches them hunting skills.

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Bears sleep all winter. This deep sleep is called hibernation. They don't eat and drink during this time.

Fun facts about the animals

Everyone knows bears like honey! In fact, they eat plants, leaves, nuts and roots as well as insects, fish, birds and mammals.

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The skin of polar bears is black. Really! This help them to absorb more of the heat from the sun.

Fun animal facts for ESL kids

Koala bears aren't real bears. Like kangaroos, they have pouches in which they carry their babies.

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Pandas can spend up to 16 hours a day feeding. They can eat more than 10 kilograms of bamboo a day!