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This is a site for kids who are learning English as a foreign or second language. Young ESL students will find here lots of online lessons, activities, games, songs and hundreds of printable worksheets that can help them with their English.

This is also a resource site for parents and teachers of young ESL learners. We offer tons of free, ready-to-print teaching materials including flashcards, games, worksheets, as well as language resources to use online.

To start using this site, filled with hundreds of learning and teaching resources, you might find it helpful to use our guides. We hope they can be useful in helping you to find and choose suitable material for you and your ESL students.

English vocabulary. New resources.

We are updating our Vocabulary Section with a new, refreshed content. While we are in this process, some pages of the website may not work correctly. You may see some missing text and images. Also, changes to our site can take a short while to appear on your browser. We apologise for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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Our online games and activities built in Flash are being updated to a new version (HTML5). Why? Because the Flash technology is currently out of date. Many browsers have stopped loading or playing Flash content. Read more »

We will update existing printables to make them easier for young kids and beginners. Also, we will add some new word games and remove some old worksheets. The previous version will no longer be available after June 2019. Read more »