english vocabulary for kids
topic-based units overview

English vocabulary units

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how the material is organised

The learning and teaching material is organised into 36 thematic units. Each unit is divided into smaller areas for learning, practising or revising vocabulary.

working through the units

You can work through our 36 vocabulary units in any order you like. Just choose the topic-based unit you want to explore. Or, use the wordlist to check if and where words appear in the vocabulary units.

Feel free to use our learning and teaching resources in any way you like: as warmers, fillers or extra practice, at home or in the classroom.

working through the chosen unit

You can do our vocabulary activities in any order you like. If your students are new to the topic, we recommend this way:

• start with the picture dictionary
• practise through our word games
• test knowledge of the unit
• print worksheets for extra reading and writing practice

contents of each unit

Each unit introduces ten new vocabulary words. They reappear both in the activities to play online and in the worksheets to download and print.

online activities
In each unit, you will find the following online activities.

English picture dictionaries

picture dictionary

use it to present new vocabulary through pictures, words and sounds

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English matching games

matching game

in this activity, students have to find pairs of picture-word

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English spelling games

spelling game

kids first look at the picture, then unscramble letters to spell the word

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English guessing games

guessing game

kids guess words letter by letter (no picture clues in this game)

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English picture tests

picture test

in this activity, kids choose the word that matches the picture

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English vocabulary quizzes

vocabulary quiz

kids read the question, then choose their answer from four options

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printable resources
For each online unit, there is a set of ten worksheets to learn, practise and revise new vocabulary offline.