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Kids' songs to learn English in a fun way

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traditional songs for kids
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traditional songs for kids

English resources: songs for kids
  • ABC Song »
  • The ABC Song helps ESL kids learn the order and the spelling of the alphabet letters.
Songs for kids learning English
  • Clementine »
  • Clementine was a favourite song of Huckleberry Hound. It was the only song he knew!
Kids' songs to learn English
  • Happy Birthday »
  • This song is often sung in English even by people that speak little or no English.
Fun songs for kids learning English
Songs for ESL kids
  • If You're Happy »
  • It is a popular repetitive kids' song, and has many different versions.
English songs for ESL kids
  • London Bridge »
  • The song is often used in a kids' game, which exists in a wide variety of forms.
Songs for teaching English
  • My Bonnie »
  • It is a traditional Scottish folk song, popular in the English-speaking world.
Fun English songs for kids
  • Old McDonald »
  • A much loved nursery rhyme, great for teaching kids the different animal names.
ESL resources: songs for kids
Songs to learn English
  • This Old Man »
  • This catchy tune is still very popular among children all over the world.
Teaching English: songs for kids
Kids' songs to learn and teach English
  • Yankee Doodle »
  • It is a popular American song, and it is also the state song of Connecticut.

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christmas carols for kids

ESL resources: English holiday songs
  • Deck the Halls »
  • The music comes from Wales, but the English words are American in origin.
English songs for Christmas
  • Frosty the Snowman »
  • Altough a very popular Christmas song, it doesn't contain the word Christmas in its lyrics.
Christmas songs to teach English
  • Jingle Bells »
  • This is one of the best known Christmas songs in the world, originally written for Thanksgiving.
Christmas carols for ESL kids

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