common vs. proper nouns
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Resources to practise English grammar

Time for a Riddle!

Need some warm up exercises? Try to solve our riddles before you take the grammar quiz!

English tests for kids

I am a yellow fruit
That you might eat at lunch.
When there is a group of me
We are known as a bunch.

Tests and quizzes for ESL kids

I'm an animal
And I like to hop.
I have Easter eggs
That I like to drop!

Quizzes for ESL teachers and kids

Sometimes curly,
Sometimes flat.
It is over the head
And under the hat!

English grammar tests for ESL students

This cold month
Brings us skating.
For the Christmas
We are waiting.

ESL grammar tests

learning and teaching resources

online and printable materials to help esl kids learn and practise common and proper nouns

In this unit you will find resources for ESL teachers and students to learn English common and proper nouns in a fun way.

Try our online activities and printable worksheets as well to convince kids that grammar can be fun!

You can work through the unit systematically or in any order you like.