h for hippo
fun facts for kids learning english

Fun facts for kids learning English

Hippos live in the rivers, lakes and swamps. They are the third largets African animal. Adult hippos have no natural enemy.

Animal facts for kids learning English

Baby hippos are usually born underwater. They learn to swim before they can walk.

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Hippos spend most of their day in water. Being too heavy to swim, they navigate under water by walking on the bottom.

Fun facts about the animals

At night hippos leave the water. They walk to their favourite meadows and nibble on the grass.

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A male hippo can weigh half a ton. Even though hippos are so big, they only eat plants, and can eat 45 kg grass every night.

Fun animal facts for ESL kids

The name hippopotamus comes from the Greek and means river horse. But the hippo is more closely related to the pig than the horse.

Learning English in a fun way

Hippos may look cute, but actually they are very dangerous. They can be extremely aggressive and unpredictable, especially if they feel threatened.

H for Hippo

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