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Vocabulary lessons for kids learning English

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online activities

You can choose from six different types of activities for learing, practising, and revising English vocabulary connected with the theme Halloween.

Each activity has its own page.
On that page, you can also find a few tips on how to play the game, and download some corresponding worksheets.

activity order

You can work through the unit in any order you like.
Also, it is for you to choose the activity you want to use.
You may want to use all the activities or select the exercises that interest you.

  • If your students are new to the topic, we recommend the following way:
  • start with the picture dictionary and interactive flashcards
  • practise through our word games
  • test knowledge of the unit
Picture dictionaries for ESL kids
  • learning activities
  • The unit begins with a picture dictionary that presents new vocabulary through pictures, words and sounds.
  • There is also a set of interactive flashcards to practise new vocabulary by doing simple exercises.
  • Also, you can use our wordlist with pictures and short definitions to introduce, practise an revise new English vocabulary.
Word games for kids learning English
  • games for practising
  • The new vocabulary is then practised through a series of word games arranged in order of difficulty.
  • In the matching game, students have to find pairs of picture-word.
  • In the spelling game, kids first look at the picture, then unscramble letters to spell the word.
  • In the guessing game, kids guess words letter by letter. There aren't picture clues in this game.
Vocabulary tests for kids learning English
  • tests and quizzes
  • The unit ends with two activities that check what your students have learnt with the help of our word games.
  • The first one is a picture test designed for beginners and young kids. In this activity, kids choose the word that matches the picture.
  • Taking the vocabulary quiz, students should read each question carefully, then choose their answer from four options.

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printable resources

You can choose from ten different types of worksheets for learning, practising, and revising English vocabulary.

We have grouped our worksheets into two categories, word games and tests and quizzes.
There are also tips on how to use our pritables, plus classroom games ideas.

Our worksheets are in pdf format. To download them, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Worksheets for teaching English to kids
  • word games »
  • bingo! cards
  • flashcards
  • picture crossword
  • crossword
  • wordsearch
Worksheets for kids learning English
  • tests and quizzes »
  • read-and-match test
  • circle-the-word test
  • missing letters test
  • spell-and-write test
  • vocabulary quiz

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learning and teaching resources

to help esl kids learn and practise english vocabulary connected with the Halloween theme